Basic survival has been a struggle for Batwa tribe in Southwestern Uganda for years since they were forcefully evicted from Bwindi impenetrable forest by the Ugandan government for conservation of the forest and formation of Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks in the region. Education has remained so elusive to this group of people and most of their children are seeing education for their very first time in all their generations due to the conditions of poverty, lack of permanent settlement, lack of nearby schools in the region and children had to move long distances through the impenetrable forest to few distant schools which was putting their lives at risk socially and politically due to kidnaps and attacks from Allied Defense Forces (ADF) a rebel group in some parts of Bwindi forest, poor health, lack of food, lack of scholastic materials and especially school uniforms which would give them a sense of belonging in schools and society. Children have been dropping out of school because of those challenges and resorted to child labour in tea gardens of native Bakiga tribe in the region together with their parents who work as casual laborers too, so that they can earn a living. Some have been begging from white tourists along the road that goes through Bwindi forest to Mgahinga and Bwindi national park as a way of survival during day and at night, they go back to their grass thatched huts to sleep

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