Kiganda Cultural dance (Buganda’s Traditional dance) at the official start of the third and final term of Uganda’s academic year 2019 at Bugonzi R/C primary school.  On every opening day of the term, Bugonzi Primary school one of our supported schools in Kalungu District in Uganda recognizes the importance of a well-rounded education. Where children at school are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities such as singing, acting and dancing through Music, Dance and Drama club. The aim of education should be to develop an all-around children in all aspects. This includes their intellectual, spiritual, social, physical and moral capabilities in order to strike a balance in all aspects so as to benefit a child.

 Nalubega Grace, a 10 year old in primary 6, who is also the music dance and drama club leader and one of the sponsored children by Cherie Wilshire Foundation at Bugonzi R/C Primary School, actively participates in singing and dancing which has helped to build her confidence, self-esteem, fitness and getting friends in different classes. According to one on one with her, Nalubega explained how her participation in MDD has been one of the reasons for her stay in school because singing is her passion and being a musician is her future dream. The club has gone further to win various primary schools cultural dance competitions in the region thus promoting talents of participating children. A cording to research students who participate in extra-curricular activities were found to have better leadership skills and learned to relate with their peers than those who don’t.

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