Cherie Wilshire Foundation supports child-headed families that are facing difficulties meeting their basic needs such as: school fees, clothing, clean water, housing, basic household supplies, etc. Child-headed families are homes in which children have assumed the role of parent and child. Parents have died leaving the children with no one to take care of them. The children are forced to survive on their own.  We also support families headed by widows or grandmothers taking care of orphans. If you feel touched by their stories, please consider supporting them in any way you can.

How your donation works.

You may choose to make a one-time gift to a child-headed household and there is no obligation to continue providing for the family. Alternatively, you may offer to sponsor the family on an ongoing basis. You may also want to pick out one child to sponsor and cater for that child’s educational needs.  If you want to send a package to a family, please let us know.   However small your gift is, it can make a difference in the life of an individual or the entire family.

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Your family may also decide to develop a long-term relationship with a needy family in Uganda. Through this twinning relationship, the two families can share the love, joys, and sorrows experienced in their daily lives. This is an opportunity to engage in solidarity with families in another culture to share the riches of cultural diversity. You and your children will have the opportunity to correspond with children of the Ugandan family.

When you sponsor a child from a child headed family, you put a smile on a face and a name to the fight against poverty in Uganda. It takes one person (like you!) to make a difference in a child’s life. By sponsoring him/her, you are giving a chance to break the cycle of poverty.

Impact: Four Children taken back to School by Cherie Wilshire Foundation.

Banzubagira Faith a 9 year old girl in grade two at St. Kalooli Primary School living in Katagwe village, Luweero district, is one of the millions of children in Uganda living in extreme poverty. She heads a family of four children in a small semi -permanent house where they live with their grandmother. 57% of children in Uganda are under 18 years and most of them come from families faced with extreme poverty. This child poverty in Faith’s family is not only about money, it is also about lack of basic needs of life like food, health, clothing, water and sanitation. These children lack school fees, clothes, shoes, food, beddings and a better house.  Their father died in 2011 when they were too young and their mother died of late in 2017.  Of HIV/AIDS leaving them with their elderly grandmother who is a migrant from Rwanda after the 1994 genocide that saw many of them come to Uganda as refugees. Genocide in Rwanda

Faith felt responsible for her family and even dropped out of school in 2017 because my grandmother could not afford our school fees, the four of them. During day, their grandmother and Faith go out to the village looking for casual work, digging in gardens for food, washing clothes, fetching water for locals from which they get paid some little money to buy necessities like Kerosene, food, soap and other items at their little hat  . This makes her miss school some days. At night, she humbles her little body on an old grass thatched floor and covers herself with an old and torn blanket to catch some sleep.

Faith and her three siblings were not attending school for the past one year, although they are all of school going age, due to lack of school fees and other school requirements. It was until January this year 2019 when Edison Tumusiime our Education support officer here at Cherie Wilshire Foundation, through our  child sponsorship program where we recruit out of school children back in school, spotted them and took them back to school at St. Kalooli primary school where they had dropped out for some time. We provided them with scholastic materials and they are now in school, though with some challenges still. Faith hopes to be a nurse after completing school to be able to treat other poor people in her community, inspire other girls to go back to school and also be able to take care of her siblings and grandmother.Although Universal primary Education is free by the government, in some rural areas especially in hard to reach areas of Uganda, such schools are few and in very bad conditions. Lunch, scholastic materials and activity fees are still mandatory which Cherie Wilshire came up to provide because many families in these areas cannot afford all that especially child headed families. School some days. At night, she humbles her little body on an old grass thatched floor and covers herself with an old, dirty and torn blanket to catch some sleep.

If you would love to give a hand towards helping such families, reach out to us Cherie Wilshire Foundation. ( Tel +256771843017

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