Yesterday we celebrated Universal children’s day, this is a day celebrated around the globe to promote togetherness and advocate for child welfare. At Cherie Wilshire foundation, it means working to see that ALL children get their universal rights.

One of the Batwa sponsored Children receives books from Cherie Wilshire Foundation at St. Joseph’s Rubuguri Primary school in Kisoro district, Southwestern Uganda.

In the past year, we have encountered several children being transformed miraculously, seen joy that lives have been sustained and also mourned over violated rights. In the beginning we started with Batwa chidren of Rubuguri in Kisoro and Mpungu in Kanungu districts respectively where we provided clothes to children and families, food and scholastic materials like books, pens, pencils and uniforms but later discovered that many more children from indigenous and poor rural communities in Uganda were suffering more than expected and so, we needed a more holistic approach.

Our impact As Cherie Wilshire Foundation.

We began to develop sustainable enterprises where we focused on empowering families and communities at large, bringing quality education, health and skills development as part of economic empowerment to the community. This holistic approach is part of our efforts to ensure that every child’s rights are protected and their quality of life is improved. Through our team of strong social workers, teachers and community leaders who stand as Cherie Wilshire Foundation to continue emphasizing our goal. We invite you to stand with us help us continue to invest holistically in our communities where we operate so that our children grow into strong leaders in the country and communities are transformed.

Nakamanyi Jacent our Executive director at Cherie Wilshire Foundation, addressing children of St.Joseph’s Rubuguri Primary school .

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