When we started Cherie Wilshire Foundation in 2018, it wasn’t all rossy. Among the biggest challenges we found was how to acquire a website? as a standard communication channel through which we could report our impact to different people here in Uganda and beyond. We always heard stories of how it was so difficult to develop a website without hiring a web developer with expert knowledge in coding, programming and how expensive it was to develop and manage one. We approached different web developers so that we could negotiate and come up with our organization website. Much as we badly needed one, the funds weren’t available.

Apart from high prices that seemed common to each developer we approached, the jargon they used intimidated and confused us more because everything seemed blurry. We decided to first put that issue on hold and communicated through our social media pages on facebook and twitter because we could not manage the cost and all the hustle involved like always contacting that person whenever we wanted to blog or update our pages since we were assured we could not do it on our own.

How we were saved

During one of our casual conversations with a friend, Dumba Stephen, I mentioned about how difficult it was to get a website and narrated our experience with different web developers. He laughed so hard about it because of how we were convinced to believe a lie for that long time. He told us about a platform called WordPress and how it made it easy to develop a secure and excellent website on our own in the shortest time possible.

Coincidently, he was planning a small workshop on Web development for absolute beginners at his head office in Nabbingo at the beginning of this year in January 2019. This was a big opportunity for me and my team to go and learn how to develop a website using word press.

Nakamanyi Jacent (CEO, Cherie Wilshire Foundation) and team at their first WordPress training.

That same day, we left the Workshop with our website , developed on our own and also learnt how we could use different word press plugins to do different tasks. Can you imagine..? We were so happy and wondered how we were blindfolded for a long time to believe a myth that one cannot build a website without knowing how to code and learning different programming languages.

Since then, we as Cherie Wilshire Foundation have made a love affair with wordpress. We have been able to receive different donations like mobile money, bank, crowd fundraising through our wordpress powered website by just using different plugins.  

We have gone ahead to blog about our impacts and daily work with integration of our different social media platforms like facebook, twitter, youtube for our videos where an article is posted from the website’s blog page instantly to our different communication channels. It was even a pleasure for one of our own to attend the recent WordCamp Kampala 2019 to continue learning from other experts from different parts of the world.

Our own Musamba Micheal at WordCamp Kampala 2019

What we promise

During our visits to western Uganda, our volunteers would spend their evenings searching on the internet about the communities we interacted with.  Sadly, almost little was available on the internet. None of the schools we visited had a website that told their story. We discovered that this part of the country was far behind in terms of technology and the internet that they heavily depended on third parties to tell their stories.

An impromptu discussion with some of the volunteers has led Cherie Wilshire to widen our impact by offering a free website to 100 deserving schools in Uganda to give them an opportunity to tell their own story through the internet.

We have partnered with E-zone Web Services to offer technical assistance as we implement the 100 schools program as one of our efforts to boost the education sector in the areas that we intend to serve.

Therefore, If you are a school that needs to market yourself to a wider audience, local charity organization, community based organization or a social enterprise who needs a website to show the world how you have impacted your community and you have been fed with a myth that you need to pay huge sums of money to a web developer to develop and manage for you a website, Cry no more, here is an opportunity for you to learn from us for FREE. We believe that,

“A thousand candles can be lit by a single one”.


We are glad to announce the arrival of IT volunteers from Cherie Wilshire Foundation (CWF) who are going to build websites for 100 select schools and local charities. Google listings and other related information relevant to the outside world will all be part of the package. We have assigned a contact person to oversee this project. Interested persons should contact the project personnel on (+256)794820992.

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