Our Vision

To build a community with educated, heathy, economically stable and Recognised people.

Our Mission

To provide resources for education,heathy living and economic empowerment for the benefit of rural communities in Uganda.

  • Local ownership

    Our projects are envisioned and implemented by a team of Ugandan men and women who empower and drive the community to take a leadership role in “being in charge”. Our local people have a deep understanding of problems hindering the development of their community and the assets that contribute to their capacity to flourish. By giving the people the confidence, tools, and opportunities to move their community forward, we ignite their understanding that they determine their own bright future.

  • Sustainability

    We aim to generate 100% of our operating budget through locally generated funds from our social enterprises to meet the greatest community needs as well as sustain our outreach initiatives, breaking the cycle of dependency on foreign aid. We believe that the key to true local ownership is in financial sustainability when the community can take full responsibility for their own development. Therefore, the people of the community can take pride in their accomplishments and initiative in restoration of their dignity and breaking the cycle of poverty.

  • Social Entrepreneurship

    We promote an innovative business mentality by creating enterprises focused on health and wash, education, economic development and financial literacy. Our enterprises supply a demand in the local market while tackling toughest social problems. In a community that has been afflicted by lack of quality education and health care, our education and health enterprises confront the poor standards in rural areas where we operate, offering the community excellence in schooling and sanitation for men, women, and children they deserve.

  • Accountability

    We fight corruption through strict checks and balances and internal controls to ensure that every Ugandan shilling is spent with integrity and efficiently supports the development of the community. Like many countries in Africa, Uganda has been plagued by the common thread of corruption that has become a part of everyday life for the people. At Cherie Wilshire foundation, we enforce a tight accountability system that separates the decision makers, procurement office, and finance department. Our leadership team urges all staff members to practice what our foundation preaches and to stick to our mission and vision.

Meet Our Team

Cherie Wilshire

Executive Director(U.S.A)

Nakamanyi Jacent

Executive Director (Uganda)

What We Do

>>: Sponsor a child

>>: Promoting education

>>: Promoting health

>>: Economic empowerment

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Find Us

Plot 710 Nabbingo,
Trinity College Rd (Off Masaka Rd.)

Phone: +256 771 843 017

Business Hours:
Daily from 09:00 AM – 04:30PM

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