Merry Christmas & Happy holidays to you all

Holiday greetings from Cherie Wilshire Foundation!! I hope this card finds you well and getting into the spirit of the season. As the year draws to a close, we just want to say thank you all our friends, volunteers, staff, directors and partners. And to you our donors, thanks for your enthusiasm and generosity. We […]

Cherie Wilshire Foundation &WordPress: A Love Affair?

One of our directors, Micheal Musamba shares a selfie with some of the speakers at WordCamp Kampala 2019.

When we started Cherie Wilshire Foundation in 2018, it wasn’t all rossy. Among the biggest challenges we found was how to acquire a website? as a standard communication channel through which we could report our impact to different people here in Uganda and beyond. We always heard stories of how it was so difficult to […]

International children’s day

Have you ever thought of sponsoring a child from one of the poor, rural and indigenous communities in Uganda? Cherie Wilshire Foundation has brought this opportunity for you as we celebrate Children’s week.

Promoting girl child education in rural communities of Uganda.

The status of the girl child is critical to achieving women’s quality and dignity which is in many ways a litmus test for the maturity of a society. Though life for the girl child is steadily improving, many are still subjected to horrific practices, such as female genital mutilation, son preference – often resulting in […]

Bringing quality education to the most rural and poor communities in Uganda.

No road we wont travel through, no rain, no mountain we wont climb and no geographical obstacle will prevent us from transforming lives of indigenous communities as well as bringing quality education to the most rural communities in Uganda. Our education support team perseveres as a muddy road in the middle of Bwindi impenetrable forest […]

Child sponsorship

Every child deserves to be protected from violence, educated, fed well, guided and shown love to live a full life and become a better person in society and country. Find more about cherie wilshire foundation sponsorship program at: sponsorship.# Batwa #child sponsorship #Transforming lives #indigenous societies

Giving back to society

‘There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.’ John Holmes. Have you ever thought of giving back to society and putting a smile on someone’s face, here is an opportunity for you. Join us in transforming lives of indigenous and poor societies in Uganda. For more details, contact […]

School Is A family

Children of St.Joseph’s Rubuguri Primary school under care of Cherie Wilshire Foundation.Forced from Bwindi Impenetrable forest and their traditional way of life to make room for national parks and gorillas. Batwa people of Rubuguri in Kisoro district in southwestern Uganda are some of the most marginalized people in Africa. They live as squatters on the […]