We have taught the people in different districts the  importance of good hygiene .We do this through our meetings with local leaders and citizens in the area where we teach them the importance of drinking boiled water, building latrines in each home and washing hands after visiting latrines. Ongoing awareness-raising on health and hygiene issues is conducted during our regular community visits. We teach youth through youth camps and health workshops about the importance of safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness, menstrual health education among teenage girls in schools and also those out of school. We also teach these girls how to sew their own reusable sanitary pads and also give them the necessary materials to use.

CWF is always looking for additional support from you our friends all over the world to continue and expand our support to Indigenous societies in Uganda.  If you are interested in supporting CWF programs or would like additional information on its existing work please contact info@cheriewilshire.org