Economic Empowerment

At Cherie Wilshire foundation we empower rural communities in Uganda to engage them in sustainable and lasting changes through education, life skills/vocational trainings and have healthy living. CWF is working to ensure that vulnerable women, children…

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Promoting Education

ducation is vital and a crucial factor in ending global poverty. With education, employment opportunities are broadened, income levels are increased and maternal and child health is improved. More than 80 % of Uganda‚Äôs population is rural and 35%…

Promoting Health

We have taught the people in different districts the importance of good hygiene .We do this through our meetings with local leaders and citizens in the area where we teach them the importance of drinking boiled water, building latrines in each home and washing hands after visiting latrines. Ongoing awareness-raising on health and hygiene issues is conducted during our regular community visits. We teach youth through